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‪#CR‬# The highway from Ipswich to Rodway is

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The highway from Ipswich to Rodway is currently overcrowded with traffic, which deters potential customers from visiting Rodway's stores. The congestion has gotten so bad that many of the stores in Rodway are struggling to survive. Meanwhile, in Ipswich, the stores are thriving since they widened the road to
Martin. Thus, to alleviate congestion and save Rodway's stores, the road between Ipswich and Rodway should be widened.
Which of the following, if true, casts the most doubt on the argument above?
A. The construction necessary to widen the road will block an additional lane of traffic, temporarily adding to the congestion.
B. The stores in Rodway are only profitable during the holiday shopping season.
C. Martin is a thriving metropolis whose residents have several times the purchasing power of those of Ipswich.
D. The owners of Rodway's stores are spending their revenue on advertising and marketing rather than on purchasing new merchandise.
E. Martin's stores have only experienced a slight increase in profits since the road from Ipswich was widened

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