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What was the original number of players in the team?

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In a relay race, the total distance is covered by multiple athletes through passing of the baton. Initially each player of a team A had to run an equal distance before passing on the baton but due to injury to two team players, each of the remaining players ran some extra distance each during race to compensate for the injured players. 

1. John, a member of Team A, had to run 400m more than the 600m he was required to run earlier.  

2.The total distance to be covered in the race was 3000m. 

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With given info,its very straightforward.
Total Distance=3000m
Each earlier ran=600m
So, Total men=5
I feel the question has been framed wrong.The second statement giving distance 3000m should not have been given.It could be solved with first statement alone.
Lets say there were 'x' no. of men earlier.
They were to run 600m each.
Now there are 'x-2' men.
Now they run 400m+600m=1000m each
Equating the total distance in both cases
answered Dec 16, 2014 by Senior Associate (301 points)
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