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Journalist: Every election year at this time the state

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Journalist: **Every election year at this time the state government releases the financial disclosures that potential candidates must make in order to be eligible to run for office.** Among those making the required financial disclosure this year is prominent local businessman, Arnold Bergeron. There has often been talk in the past of Mr. Bergeron's running for governor, not least from Mr. Bergeron himself. **This year it is likely he finally will**, since those who have discounted the possibility of a Bergeron candidacy have always pointed to the necessity of making financial disclosure as the main obstacle to such a candidacy.
In the journalist's argument the **boldfaced** portions play which of the following roles?
A. The first provides information without which the argument lacks force; the second states the main conclusion of the argument.
B. The first provides information without which the argument lacks force; the second states an intermediate conclusion that is used to support a further conclusion.
C. The first sites a practice that the journalist seeks to defend; the second sites a likely consequence of this practice.
D. The first states evidence bearing against the main conclusion of the argument; the second is that main conclusion.
E. Each provides evidence in support of an intermediate conclusion that supports a further conclusion stated in the argument.

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This one is an example of a very easy Bold face question that reminds us that the whole hoopla around bold face questions being tough is just a MYTH. Easy to identify the conclusion and understand the role of financial disclosures in the context.
answered Jun 30, 2016 by Senior Associate (475 points)
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