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When should i book an appointment for the GMAT Exam?

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This is one of most common questions which keeps troubling most of the test takers. The question keeps you anxious, if i should book early or i should book when i am i in range of the desired score.

Some of the useful criterion to help you decide on the test date.  

Meanwhile, in case you are struggling with verbal, Download GMAT Grammar Book.  Download GMAT Grammar Book.  

Tentaively 30 Days before the exam. 
- You should be in range of 40-50 points of your desired score. For example if you planning to get 740 on the exam, you should around ~690 now. If you more than 70 points below your desired score, you should work to improve your score and schedule for later date. You can also connect with
 our Mentors network to help you with your GMAT.
- You should have taken around 2-3 Full Length tests, i.e. all four sections, including one GmatPrep Test 1.
- If you are able to complete your tests in time. Then Perfect! yes(really smiley). But if you are struggling with your timing by 6-7 questions, this can be improved over the next few days. But if it is more than 10 questions, you should work on timing first. 
- If all above parameters are okay, Go ahead to book the date for the exam. 

Tentativley 15 days before the exam. 
- You should be within 20 points in range of your desired course. 
- You have covered all your course material by now. 
- You are not struggling with your timing now. If struggling, you are not off by more than 3-4 questions. 
- This is also the Last day to reschedule your exam without penalty. 
- You have given 2-3 more tests. 

Tentativley 8 days before the exam
- GMAT allows you to reschedule your exam 7 days before the test date with $50 penalty. 
- Give the GMAT Prep test 2 today and ideally you are in vicinity of 10 points with your desired score. 
- If all good, go for the exam. smiley

Tentativley 6 days before the exam.
- Okay, this is point of no return, Go for it. 
- You preparation is complete for the exam. 
- Take two more test in alternate with your exam. For example, if you exam is on a Friday. Take tests on Monday and Wednesday. 
- You should start adapting to the schedule you are going to have on the exam day. 
- Give your practice tests in accordance with your schedule on the exam. 
- Revise a bit of grammar, maths, work on the errors from the error log. 

Tentativley a day before the exam.
-  Dont study. Relax. 


Download GMAT Grammar Book.  

Day of the exam.

- Go and enjoy the day. You have worked hard for it. Spot a party place, regardless of the score you deserve it.
- Dont think of the score.
- Smile. Feel Good, it is scientifically proven that happiness increases your congintive skills.
- On the scratch pad, Write. "
Keep Calm!! I am the best."


Very helpful post. Thank You.

Very true Indeed! "I am a the best. Stay Calm!!"

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