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A recent analysis of a new chemical element found on the Moon

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It would be great if somebody can help me understand the approach to this problem. 
A recent analysis of a new chemical element found on the Moon showed that the new element could be used to substitute for several rare and extremely expensive metals used in space electronics. However, research conducted by an independent laboratory showed that some errors were made during analysis of the new element, and therefore, metals currently used in space electronics cannot be replaced with this element.
The argument above is flawed because it
(A)presumes, without providing justification, that if something is not proved to be true, then it must be wrong.
(B)fails to prove that independent research laboratories are more capable in chemical analysis than the laboratories that tested the new element.
(C)fails to consider the possibility of further accurate chemical analyses of the new element.
(D)fails to consider that laboratory tests conducted by only two institutions may not be sufficient to reach a definite conclusion.
(E)presumes, without providing justification, that results of research in which several errors were made can be considered to be trustworthy.
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A is correct because it provides light that independent research may show error in analysis of new element, but this does not prove that new element can't be used in spece electronices. The alalysis used here is-
A told that P is true
B told that A has error
So, P is not true.
But the problem is that P may be true.
answered Dec 20, 2014 by Beginner (11 points)
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