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Bodybuilders often try to increase muscle mass by consuming whey protein powder.

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Bodybuilders often try to increase muscle mass by consuming whey protein powder. Such whey protein powders have a higher protein to calorie ratio than most natural foods. Natural food protein sources, such as eggs or lean meats, are better for increasing muscle mass than whey protein powders.
Which of the following, if true, would provide the most support to the argument to the left?
A) Some natural food sources are less expensive than most protein powders.
B) Protein consumption can be maximized with a high protein to calorie ratio, and adequate protein consumption is important for increasing muscle mass.
C) The speed of absorption of protein powder is much faster than that of natural foods, and sustained protein absorption is critical for increasing muscle mass.
D) Eggs contain a unique kind of protein that many protein powder manufacturers try to imitate with their formulas.
E) Some natural foods, such as simple carbohydrates, do not effectively aid muscle growth.
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Premise: Body Builder(BB) increase weight using whey protein.
Protein/Calorie{whey} > Protein/Calorie{natural}
Conclusion: Natural food better than whey protein.
A) Not a concern
B) It weakens the argument.
C) Yes, Speed of absorption should be sustained, but in whey it is higher. There this is our answer.
D) No, as no comparison.
E) Not a concern.
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