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Working together at their constant rates, A and B can fill an empty tank

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Working together at their constant rates, A and B can fill an empty tank to capacity in 1/2 hours. What is the constant rate of pump B?
(1) A's constant rate is 25 liter / min
(2) The tanks capacity is 1200 liter.
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So let's put this into an equation.  We know that (Arate+Brate)30min=T, if T= the tank's capacity.
(1) now we know that Arate=25 liter/min, so we can plug that into the equation and we get (25lit/min+Brate)30min=T
This is not sufficient, because there are still too many unknowns.  For example, it T=900 liters then Brate would equal 5 liters/min.  But if T=9,000 then Brate would equal 275 liters/min
(2) now we know that T= 1200 liters, plugging that into the equation we get (Arate+Brate)30min=1200 liters
This is also not sufficient, because there are a variety of different combinations of Arate and Brate that can fit this equation.  For example, Arate could be 10 liters  per min and Brate could be 30 liters per min OR vice versa.
Now lets try them both together by plugging (1) and (2) into the equation:
(25lit/min+Brate)30min=1200 liters
divide both sides by 30 min and we get: 25 liters/min+Brate=40liters/min
that means Brate equals 15 liters, so the answer is (C) both together are sufficient
In the actual GMAT, you would not need to go so far as to figure out exactly what B rate.  That would be a waste of time.  As soon as you know what you CAN solve it with both, which can be determined by the fact that there is only 1 unknown then you should select C and move on.
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