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How to improve myself for GMAT Sentence Correction

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Some please tell me how should I improve my sentence correction in GMAT.My all questions get wrong , is der any book or material which can help me to improve it..????? Please some help me out?Got fully frustrated with sc part of verbal , as I have to write my exam on last week of this month???

1 Answer

  1. Manhattan Sentence Correction Guide
  2. You can go through this site as a quick start guide
  3. Try reading articles from NewYorker/NYTimes. The Op-Ed articles will help you increase your RC skills as well
  4. While attempting questions you should take the approach as 
    a) Why the correct answer is correct 
    b) Why the wrong answer is wrong 
    c) Why did you pick the wrong answer as the correct. This is a very important step.
  5. You can also refer to Grockit Lectures by Farbood Nivi to get the feel of the exam.
  6. You should use a stop watch to and clock to roughly 1 min. It will help you get accustomed to the clock ticking and may help you with late min grammar panic.
  7. Download GMAT Club's Grammar Book



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