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Humans get Lyme disease from infected ticks

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Humans get Lyme disease from infetced ticks....

The information in the passage most strongly supports which of the following? 
(A) In areas where many humans are infected with Lyme disease, the proportion of ticks infected with Lyme disease is especially high. 
(B) Very few animals that live in areas where there are no white-footed mice are infected with Lyme disease. 
(C) Humans are less at risk of contracting Lyme disease in areas where biodiversity is high. 
(D) Ticks feed on white-footed mice only when other host species are not available to them. 
(E) The greater the biodiversity of an area, the more likely any given host animal in that area is to pass Lyme disease to ticks.


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Jsy Singh
I was confused between B and C for a while but a common Manhattan Strategy that usually helps in these situations is to avoid the more extreme answer.
answered Jun 22, 2016 by Senior Associate (437 points)
Thanks harsh for explanation it ;)
answered Jun 22, 2016 by (-1 points)
C - If biodiversity is high, then white mice can't prosper, thus leading to fewer amounts of infected ticks that would then infect the humans
answered Jun 22, 2016 by Beginner (11 points)
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