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How to improve your Score with an Error Log for GMAT? How is Manhattan GMAT Archer ?

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Tim, "Hey, how do I improve my GMAT score?"

I generally ask, "Hey have made an error log for the tests or questions that you solve?"

And Tim says NO, but what would it help me to do?

Does that sound like a familiar conversation? Trust me Error Log is not an hyberbole. It is the one that actually helps you. You know your goal,

But if you do not know where you are, How would you determine the path to reach to your goal

The purpose of an error log is keep track of your performance i.e. the questions you solved correctly/incorrectly. As a result, you can gauge insight of areas you are performing good or bad. So you specifically work on those areas. Ideally for the Verbal Questions, you should re-attempt the questions you solved incorrectly in about a 2 weeks time to revise the concepts because of which you got them wrong. 

There are two ways you create an error log. 

1) You can use the Manhattan GMAT Archer error log. A i guess it is free. 

The advantage of using archer log is the extended analytics and minimal data entry work. Because most of it pre-processed. I personally preferred this because it allows me focus on my studies without having to care of any other stuff. 

New error log v2017 by GMAT Prep Now under required resources as Improvement Chart

2) Or you can See this Sample Log. This is a common error log found in most gmat forums. Broadly you track source, question type and whether your answer was correct or not. 

Month Source # Your Answer OA Correct Type Sub-Type

[Click To Download Sample Error Log]

In summary, an error log will help you

1) Analysis of your progress report.

2) Re-Attempt Wrong Questions.

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