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Gmat 4 Month Study Plan

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Phase I:

Assessment (2 Weeks)

  • Familiarize yourself with GMAT Sections.
  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Finish a standard GMAT guide to have an overview of all the sections and question types.
  • Take a diagnostic TEST.
  • Download GMAT Club's Grammar Book 


Phase II:

Build Up (6 Weeks)

  • This is where you will go through each topic one-by-one.
  • This phase lies at the heart of your preparation and you should be able to score well even after completing just this phase itself.
  • This is basically divided into 6 weeks of 3 Quants and 3 Verbal.
  • You will dedicate one week each to SC, CR and RC
  • Watch the first 8 lectures of Grockit by Farbood Nivi.
  • SC Manhattan is a good place to start for SC because it has good theory on grammar. You will also finish the corresponding problems from OG.
  • For CR and RC, again the Manhattan Strategy guides are a good place to start because with every chapter they have a corresponding OG grid.
  • For Quants you have 5 strategy guides from Manhattan. They are fairly basic and you should be able to finish the 5 books along with OG questions.
  • After the second phase or two months into your preparation, this will be a good time to take a TEST.


Phase III:

Recovery (3 Weeks)

  • After you take the test, you will know what your weaknesses and strengths are.
  • In the next three weeks we will try to finish the Kaplan Verbal Workbook and Kaplan Maths Workbook.
  • Depending on which section you need more help in, you can distribute it as 2 Verbal Weeks and 1 Quants week OR 1 Verbal Week and 2 Quants Week.
  • Take the GMAT Prep 1 TEST.


Phase IV:

Advanced (3 Weeks)

  • After you take the first GMAT Prep test, you will have a fair idea of how your score is going to look like. You can kind of expect at least that score.
  • In this stage we will try to advance to tougher material.
  • The best book for this is Kaplan GMAT 800. This is optional though.
  • The idea is to go through the sections very quickly in this book and apply the learning in solving the Official Guide Verbal and Quant Review Books.
  • This will give you an idea as to how your accuracy has improved compared to your past performance.
  • During this phase you take two more tests.

Phase V:

Testing (2 Weeks)

  • After advancing through tougher concepts and solving harder problems, you will be almost ready for the big day.
  • But before that you have to get into the Test mode.
  • For this you will take a full length mock test every alternate day.
  • In between days you will revise the notes, redo the tougher problems, etc.
  • Two days before the D-day you should take the GMAT Prep 2. This will give you a fair idea of how your preparation is.
  • Relax the final day; go over the formulae sheet and flash cards.
  • All the best!

The recommended mock tests will be GMAT Prep & Manhattan GMAT

Alternative Study Plans 

2 week schedule
1 month schedule


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