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Mayor: Downtown Rosco Lake is generally a clean area, but the Monday after the Fourth of July

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Mayor: Downtown Rosco Lake is generally a clean area, but the Monday after the Fourth of July weekend, there was twice as much trash in the streets and parks as usual. Since downtown Rosco Lake is a major tourist destination on weekends, it must be the tourists who are littering. 

The mayor’s argument is most called into question by which of the following, if true?

A) Usually community volunteers go through downtown on Monday mornings, picking up litter. 

B) There is a correlation between tourist traffic and incidents of vandalism in many towns. 

C) During the other weekends in July, there were no unusual amounts of litter. 

D) The North Shore lakefront area in Rosco Lake is rarely visited by tourists, and has almost no litter, compared to the South Shore, which is a touristy area, and has lots of rubbish lying around. 

E) The nearby town of Graylord was able to control its litter problem by instituting large fines that could be levied against litterers. 

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b and e are out of scope vandalism is not point of discussion at all which is discussed in b and e talks about methods of reducing littering which is not asked. In case of a what volunteers do or did after every weekend more strengthens than weakens and with d discusses about which shore is dirtier which is irrelevant
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