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Since the new publisher took control, a news magazine’s covers have featured only models

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Since the new publisher took control, a news magazine’s covers have featured only models and movie stars. Previously, the covers had displayed only politicians, soldiers, and business leaders. A leading gossip columnist claimed that the changes made the magazine relevant again. However, many newspaper editorials disagreed and suggested that the new publisher is more interested in boosting sales than in reporting important news events.
Which of the following is an assumption necessary for the argument made by the gossip columnist’s opponents?
A) The charitable activities of models and movie stars often focus public attention on pressing problems.
B) Final authority for choosing the cover subject of the magazine lies with the publisher.
C) A magazine can boost sales while highlighting the coverage of important world leaders.
D) Some of the movie stars featured are now running for political office.
E) Magazine issues with models or movie stars on the covers are purchased at a rate more than three times greater than is the case with issues featuring politicians on the covers.

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this is real tough, would be great if someone can post some solution.
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Jsy Singh
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Breaking down the problem.
Premise : New Publisher -> ↑ Model & Movie stars -> ↓Politician & Biz leaders
Conclusion : New publisher is only focussed to increase sales.
An assumption has to be true. Looking at the premise and conclusion, the only link between the two is that Publisher has full or final control on what has to be published. Looking at the answer choices
B) Bingo - Let us hold on .
C) Does not necessarily has to be true
D) Drop
E) This could be true, but not necessarily has to be true.
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Pankaj Kumar
Opponent is the misleading word in the question.
Some people disagreed, opposing would be drastic, on the conclusion but that does not mean that they cannot have overlapping lines of reasoning, which is highlighted in e.
However if final choice is not with the publisher,one cannot say anything about the argument as the Passage never explicitly states that the publisher chooses the cover! Thus for b to be correct,one has to extraneously assume that the new publisher was responsible for the change in cover and not any of the say content contributors of the one cannot be absolutely sure of the premise that leads to short for b to be an assumption ,it has to have another assumption which  will not make b an infallible one ,hence incorrect.
But e is more certain and immediate. Hence e.
answered Sep 30, 2015 by Beginner (3 points)
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