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While political discourse and the media in the United States

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While political discourse and the media in the United States have focused on the rise of job outsourcing, few have mentioned the sharp fall of talent “insourcing,” or the drop in enrollment of foreign-born graduate students since 2001, and its dire results. The decrease in such insourcing will hurt America’s competitiveness in basic research and applied technology, with serious consequences for years to come. The de-internationalization of graduate programs across the country will also negatively affect the global outlook and experience of the American students remaining in those programs; they will not have the opportunity to learn about foreign cultures directly from members of those cultures. What distinguishes the decline of talent insourcing from the rise of job outsourcing is that the former can be easily rectified by a policy change of the United States government. 

The answer to which of the following questions would be most useful in evaluating the author’s claim regarding the impact of decreased insourcing in America? 

A) What is the cost to reverse the trend of insourcing in America?
B) How does insourcing replace domestic jobs lost from outsourcing?
C) Since 2001, what has been the decrease in the number of foreign-born students in America?
D) What opportunities do American graduate students have to interact regularly with foreigners who are not students?
E) What effect would a government policy have on the number of foreign graduate students?
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The Author mentions that
↓ insourcing => hurts america competitiveness in basic research and applied tech.
↓ insourcing => -ve global outlook => ↓ opportunity to learn about foreign cultures.
Let us evaluate the argument with information at hand. Remember we want an answer, which makes or breaks the argument.
a) This does the help the argument anyway .
b) The argument does not mention anything about compensation.
c) there is no focus on the numers of foreign-born students.
d) YES. The anaswer to this question makes or breaks the argument. If the students are in touch with foreigners through other channels that it may not necessary for insourcing. If not the it is
e) This is too specific point to be picked upon and does not make/break the arguement.
answered Sep 23, 2014 by Partner (696 points)
Jsy Singh
question asks about impact of decreased insourcing so may be
answered Sep 22, 2014 by Senior Associate (437 points)
but that does not help explain the answer. please try to explain your answer.
commented Sep 22, 2014 by Guru (5,628 points)
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