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What are the key skills and books i should use to study for GMAT exam

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Can somebody please elaborate what are the books i should refer to study for the exam. Also please highlight what are the key skills for the GMAT exam.
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While commencing your preparation firstly you should make a list of the prospective colleges you want to attend and this should give an idea of the average gmat score you should be targetting for.
- Get the Official Guide for GMAT and Manhattan Prep to learn the strategy of how to tackle the exam to score higer.
- Download the gmat prep software because that is as close to real as possible.
-Download GMAT Club's Grammar Book
- One should maintain an error log of the items you are getting wrong and circle back on those item later.
-You can also refer to Grockit Lectures by Farbood Nivi to get the feel of the exam.

- While practicing for the exam, you should spend time to

  1. To understand why the right answer is right
  2. To understand why the wrong answer is wrong
  3. To understand why did you pick the wrong answer as the right answer.

Buy 1 Manhattan Gmat Prep Book so that you can get set of 6 online tests to practice for the exam.
One of the Most important skill that you will have to learn is Time Management. Generally it is advised to spend

2 minutes per quant question
1 minute per Sentence correction question
2 minutes per Critical Reasoning Question
2 minutes for reading Short Reading Comprehension/4 minutes for reading Long Reading Comprehension
& 1 minute per Reading Comprehension Question


Further you can take topic specific help from the gmat tutors. 
As the exam imposes a heavy penalty for not completing the exam, you should not spend too much time on a single question.

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Additionally answer from Quora


The Official Guide for GMAT Review (Latest Edition) is a must.
Manhattan GMAT books & tests are currently one of the best available in the market. I found the combination of Grockit And Manhattan prep books worked best for me. I would not recommend Kaplan Books.
While preparing for GMAT you generally have two variations. One of them is the self guided and second is the guided courses. It entirely depends on the person which would suit best for him/her. It is generally considered that the self guided strategy is better in the case employed professionals because you are able to plan out better for yourself. However, with the guided courses would make sure that your preparation has the discipline. If you are going  for guided courses you should prefer institutes which are focussed on GMAT prep and not towards other exams like SAT/GRE/CAT because the exams are significantly different.
Regardless of the course pattern you follow, items necessary of a good prepartion include
1) While practicing, try to simulate the test environment as much as possible. Time Managment is the key skill on the GMAT.
2) The exam strategies mentioned in Manhattan/Kaplan have evolved over time and will help you score higher. for e.g RC solving tips, Sentence correction tips. And timing strategy.
3) Identify your strengths for the exam. Maintain an error log of the mistakes. And you should circle back on those items later.
4) Lastly, it is not about how many questions you practice for the GMAT, but understanding correct approach i.e. why the right answer is right, why the wrong answer is wrong.
5) When you buy one Manhattan Book, you would get 5 practice tests. you should use those efficiently with the test analyzer feature to help you understand your key areas of strength and weakness. And GmatPrep tests are essential obviously. 
I found the initial set 8 lecture by Grockit ( available over youtube) to be very helpful to kickstart preparation.




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