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Until now only injectable vaccines against influenza have

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Until now only injectable vaccines against influenza have been available. They have been primarily used by older adults who are at risk for complications from influenza. A new vaccine administered in a nasal spray form has proven effective in preventing influenza in children. Since children are significantly more likely than adults to contract and spread influenza, making the new vaccine widely available for children will greatly reduce the spread of influenza across the population.
Which of the following, if true, most strengthens the argument?
A. If a person receives both the nasal spray and the injectable vaccine, they do not interfere with each other.
B. The new vaccine uses the same mechanism to ward off influenza as injectable vaccines do.
C. Government subsidies have kept the injectable vaccines affordable for adults.
D. Of the older adults who contract influenza, relatively few contract it from children with influenza.
E. Many parents would be more inclined to have their children vaccinated against influenza if it did not involve an injection.

2 Answers

Could have been B if the argument had revolved around nasal vaccine. But since it's about the children having it, it's E which is apt
answered Jun 16, 2016 by Senior Associate (475 points)
Children are the biggest reason for the spread of influenza, and the conclusion is making the vaccine widely available for children will reduce the spread of influenza.
Only E strengthens the conclusion as now more children will be getting the cure for influenza
answered Jun 16, 2016 by Student (71 points)
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