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How to score 700+ on Gmat within 3 weeks

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How to score 700+ on Gmat within 3 weeks as I feel I m running out of time
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This is a very difficult question to answer. It all depends on your approach, the resources, the amount of effort and your dedication. Please note that GMAT is not a math or an english test, it is a logic based test that tests one's reasoning skills as well. If you are already very good at topics that are tested at the exam, you might get a 700 plus score test day in 3 weeks, provided you follow a daily schedule and stick to it. Otherwise, it will really be an uphill task to achieve. If you have not already taken a GMAT prep exam, do take one now to see where you stand. If you acore somewhere around 650-680, you probably need to streamline your approach to take you past 700 which would be kind of touch and go situation in the time period you specified. It's better to take the exam when you feel confident about your preparation. Hope the information helps.
Here is a 2 week and 1month study schedule by mgmat and magoosh which should be helpful.
2 week schedule
1 month schedule
answered Aug 30, 2014 by Associate (172 points)
Three weeks is a very short timeline, but if you are currently close than it can be done. In general, the two most important things to do to get a 700+ are building your mental endurance by taking full length practice tests and practicing with the most difficult questions (Kaplan 800 and MGMAT Advanced quant are good sources for this).
answered Mar 7, 2015 by Associate (125 points)

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Jsy Singh

When I first started, I kept lots of statistics on the problem types that I got wrong; this is what many people have recommended on this site. That just left me with a lot of stats, but I wanted something that would clearly articulate my errors and what I could do to address them. 

My original idea was just to use the stats and just study a particular topic to address my weakest links. But my issue with this is that I have a lot of material to cover and sticking with one particular topic for an extended period time meant I had less time to spend on other equally important areas. For example, one weakness of mine is geometry. So I could study geometry for several days/weeks or move on to studying SC or CR, which I have just recently begun studying in-depth. My argument is that geometry is one small portion of the test while SC and CR are much larger topics. 

My second idea was to keep an error log that copies out every problem I've gotten wrong, what the correct answer was, and how to answer the problem correctly. This became unwieldy for certain types of problems like reading comprehension. 

My last and my current method is to keep 5 different lessons learned logs - one for each topic. For every problem I get wrong, I write down the underlying lesson for that problem. In particular, I write down what to look out for, what NOT to do, and/or what to do next time. I have found this to be more helpful because instead of spending time copying down questions/answers or studying general topics, I can focus on that exact lesson. 

My current study plan covers one topic each day of the week (M-F) so every night, I bring out the lessons learned log for that topic and take notes while I'm working the problems and also when I read the solutions.

answered Dec 5, 2014 by Senior Associate (437 points)
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