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MBA News: The Average GMAT Score Is Not Always So Average

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Get inside the mind of an admissions officer. Yale applicants see a rise in the average GMAT score. Yet another business school is turning the page on a difficult couple of years. Catch all the trending stories for MBA programs and future business leaders.


Behind doors

So much goes into admitting applicants into business school. No doubt a high GPA, a top GMAT score, and graduating from a top notch undergraduate institution goes a long way. But as one former business school admissions officers says many applicants have all those characteristics in their application, so how to decide?

In his new book, Get In, Get Connected, Get Hired by Brian Precious, the ex-gatekeeper explains why some of the nearly accepted applicants were ultimately rejected: “The admissions process is really about storytelling. It’s about illustrating how your goals align with the strengths of your desired program. It’s about weaving together seemingly disparate components—test scores, letters of recommendation, and essays—into a compelling narrative highlighting not only your ability to succeed academically, but also your desire to be a lifetime contributor to the institution’s community.”

Yale rising

Yale School of Management is one of the country’s top MBA programs. This year it jumped five spots in U.S. News & World Report’s much coveted rankings, to tie for the number eight spot. And for the first time, it leaped into the top 10 of Poets&Quants’ rankings.

It’s also likely that the school will see the average GMAT score of its new cohort improving upon last year’s score of 721. Bruce DelMonico, assistant dean and director of Yale SOM admissions states, “The average GMAT score of the pool inched up a little bit from last year and that is a good indicator. We also are seeing well distributed growth in the pool from both U.S. and international applicants. It’s grown pretty well across geographic regions. The top three industries continue to be consulting, finance and the social sector, but applicants with technology backgrounds have grown.”

International experience

Business schools value diversity—diversity of demographics, diversity of experience, and diversity of opinion. Often, international applicants have the advantage in this area. But that doesn’t mean domestic applicants should cede any advantage in this area. The best approach is to highlight anyinternational experience you have, be it studying abroad, working abroad, or experiences you have working with non-Americans. This will demonstrate your ability to adapt and break through any communications barriers.

Big data, big opportunities

Big data is paying big dividends, so MBAs who are able to bring data skills to prospective employers will reap the benefits, according to two top consulting companies, McKinsey & Companyand Boston Consulting Group. And in case you didn’t know, both places are MBA magnets, being highly desirable places of employment for business school graduates.

“Data scientists are today what programmers were in the early 1990s,” said Alwin Magimay, a partner at McKinsey. “Data, analytics and digital are the future—understanding the key drivers of these phenomena and how to get value from them will differentiate organizations the world over,” added Julia Booth, advanced analytics business manager at BCG.

Turning the page

Though Stanford Graduate School of Business remains one of America’s most competitive, highly sought MBA programs, it’s had rough year. For instance, its outgoing dean was embroiled in a sex scandal that involved other members of the Stanford family. In an effort to take immediate action, economist Jonathan Levin will take over for Garth Saloner this September.

“The GSB is devoted to transforming lives by preparing future leaders to change organizations and change the world. It will be an honor to join such a committed, dedicated faculty and to support their mission of applying both academic rigor and real-world relevance to their research,” said Levin, in the university’s announcement.

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