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The principal of School X has proposed a plan that would add an hour-long study period to the end of the school day

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The principal of School X has proposed a plan that would add an hour-long study period to the end of the school day. She claims that the extension would improve the school’s average score on the math section of the state assessment by allowing students more time to complete math homework that they wouldn’t otherwise have time to complete.

Which of the following statements, if true, would most weaken the argument presented above?

A) Math teachers of students in School X have noted an overall decline in the number of homework assignments completed by students since the school eliminated midday study periods two years ago.

B) Administrators from neighboring School Y recently implemented a school day extension and have seen no significant improvement in student test scores on the state assessment.

C) Music department faculty members at School X strongly oppose the plan because they feel any time added to the school day should be used to bolster the music curriculum.

D) Parents of students from School X have expressed concern that the proposed schedule change would interfere with students’ extracurricular activities.

E) The core components of School X’s math curriculum are not aligned with the topics tested on the state math assessment.

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Premise : More Time to Complete Home → Better Average Score on Maths Assesment
Since this is a weaken question, we would need something which shows there is some other reason for the lower grades
Accordingly, only E fits the answer. Rest all the answers are not relevant or out of scope.
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wow nice technique. thanks :)
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