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please explain why A is correct? also help me understanding

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please explain why A is correct? also help me understanding the argument. TIA
Cognitive psychologist: The argument against IQ as a hereditary trait that is fixed throughout one’s lifetime ignores the evidence of eye orientation. That is, there is a high correlation between the speed in which a person’s eyes orient towards a stimulus and that person’s IQ. Specifically, an experiment measured the number of milliseconds subjects required to orient their eyes to the where on a large screen a word was flashed. The study found that the more rapid the response the higher that person’s IQ.
Which of the following is an assumption the cognitive psychologist makes?
The speed in which a person orients his or her eyes towards a stimulus is a skill that cannot be modified by experience.
The ability of scientists to measure a person’s IQ depends on whether that person is literate.
Some subjects who have a documented high IQ orienttowards a stimulus slower than the average.
The screen used in the experiment was so large that subjects had to shift their bodies in order to read the words presented on the screen.
The speed at which one can orient one’s eye to a stimulus has also been highly correlated with overall health.
source - magoosh

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Yes "A" is indeed the assumption and IF A is negated the Link established between IQ and eye orientation in the argument shatters.
answered Jun 10, 2016 by Beginner (1 point)
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